Radio-Over-IP Network Gateway
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Radio-Over-IP Network Gateway

Radio-Over-IP Network Gateway
ผู้ผลิต: Radio-Tone
รหัสสินค้า: RT-RoIP2
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สถานะสินค้า: มีสินค้า
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The RT-RoIP2 Radio-over-IP Network Gateway is the world’s first standalone Zello Radio-Radio-Over-IP Gateway. It is a cost effective and excellent performance equipment for using to connect mobile phone and 2-way radio users, or bridge 2-ways radio systems across sites.
The RT-RoIP2 is equipped with the Radio-Tone Intelligent Digital Audio Tracking System(iDats), the Android 4.0 OS with 3rd party communication apps, Zello and Skype, and powered by an ARM CPU, brings you the fast and stable push-to-talk communication between anydevice, anytime and anywhere over the world!
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